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    Here, we celebrate our uniqueness, but we also have one thing in common: we all strive for creative excellence. At WeXL, we are building and nurturing the greatest untapped talent pool of creatives in the world. Below are just some of the incredible people we have in our community.


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    Photo by Estefany Esperanza Santamaria Rebolledo


    Focus: Film

    Born in Chicago and raised in the Bay Area, Giovanni's love for cinematography started when he realized the true storytelling power of the moving image. Along with filmmaking, Giovanni is passionate about the outdoors and adventure sports: mountaineering, motorcycles, snowmobiles and snowboards are all part of his life. His focus now is capturing everything: a tricky hike up a peak or another day in the powder on the backside of a mountain. He hopes to turn his passion into a technical and creative career while surrounding himself with like-minded individuals.


    Focus: Film and Visual Arts

    Estefany faced many challenges growing up queer in Caracas, Venezuela, and is currently seeking political asylum here in the U.S. A filmmaker and visual artist, Estefany keeps a full course load in school while advocating for animal rights as a social justice activist. She is a vegan and enjoys oil painting as another creative outlet. Watch Estefany's inspirational story here.

    Photo by Estefany Esperanza Santamaria Rebolledo


    Focus: Technology and Visual Arts

    A portrait artist and a full-stack developer with sharp coding skills in Javascript technologies including Node.js, Angular, and React, Caesar cultivated his genius and made use of his time while incarcerated for over seven years. He pleaded innocent to the charges but was convicted at the age of 18 despite the lack of DNA and fingerprint evidence. Instead of succumbing to the circumstances, Caesar decided to learn sign language and programming, participating successfully in the Bard Prison Initiative. He is now a full-time software engineer in Brooklyn where he was born and raised.

    Photo by Giovanni Shishido


    Focus: Film

    A product of the suburbs of Paris, Fazil fell in love with cinema at a young age. He moved to the U.S. as an international student to challenge himself and study filmmaking. While Fazil enjoys many aspects of the process of making film, he seeks aestheticism in movies and believes photography is the best way to create it.

    Photo by Estefany Esperanza Santamaria Rebolledo


    Focus: Performing Arts and Graphic Design

    An actor who has broken casting walls performing in roles such as Lady MacBeth, Dayna has creativity running through her veins. She grew up in New York and is now an Arizona resident. Her performing arts resume includes six years in sketch comedy. Dayna is also a graphic designer with seven years of experience creating print, digital, and video media.

    Photo by Estefany Esperanza Santamaria Rebolledo


    Focus: Technology and Music

    Originally from the Bronx, Angel has an array of experiences under his belt, including working on data analytics at a social media agency, using code to help promote underground parties and leading development at other early stage startups. Angel enjoys both infrastructure and architecture of systems, with a focus on using data to impact businesses. When he's not coding, he's making tracks or DJing as Bruckner.

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