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Belgica Paola Rodriguez

Belgica Rodriguez is one of our REPRESENT co-hosts. She an actress and YouTuber who studied theatre in Northern California. She is now transitioning to the Los Angeles market. If you are interested in acting, reach out to her and check out her YouTube channel as she shares all the resources she has used in order to get her career started in the Bay Area and will be sharing her experience in LA.

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Gabby Deyi

Gabriella is a multimedia journalist based in the Bay Area . She earned her Bachelors of Science in Integrative Health Studies  from Saint Mary’s College of California in 2016.  After graduation and an honest try at graduate degree work and research ,she decided to follow her heart and chase her childhood dream of becoming a journalist. Her dream is now her reality! She moved to San Francisco two years ago as she began work as a reporting intern for KRON- TV San Francisco and is now currently an on-air reporter and correspondent. Gabriella is also currently filming projects with an investigative approach in hopes of changing our divided social and political climate by truthfully telling the stories of others and giving a voice to the voiceless! Her natural ability to connect with others and share their stories authentically with care, empathy, and intention is what makes her an invaluable storyteller.

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Antonio Garro

Although a full-time student at San Francisco State University, Antonio Garro finds the time to work within his field of filmmaking and creative storytelling. At age of 18, he established himself as an author with his self-published novel “Spectrum of a Daydream.” Currently, his work is freelance, jumping from project to project seeking his niche in the film industry but will always be a writer, first and foremost. As WeXL's lead editor and director, he has paved the creative direction of WeXL's shows “REPRESENT” and “We Create.” He finds that there is always a story to tell and there is always opportunity to build upon our creative endeavors.

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Kristi Gocki

Kristi started off working at Lucasfilm as a web designer and content developer for Star Wars and Indiana Jones. From there, she has produced for film and television, commercials, games and content web series for over 10 years. Also a freelance 3D and charcoal artist, she understands the passion for creative storytelling and enjoys writing screenplays and novels. Kristi has completed a business degree and completed MFA coursework in 3D Animation and Visual Effects.

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Ornell Caesar

Cool, composed, and calm, Ornell Caesar is an artist and sharp coder.

We first met him in Bushwick, N.Y., less than 100 days after serving 7.5 of an 8-year prison sentence.

The details of Caesar’s sentencing goes something like HBO’s The Night Of: Caesar wakes up in the middle of the night, in jail, bloodied up, beaten up, charged with a felony of assault with a deadly weapon. No fingerprint or DNA evidence on the gun that wasn’t his . . .

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