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Antonio Garro

Although a full-time student at San Francisco State University, Antonio Garro finds the time to work within his field of filmmaking and creative storytelling. At age of 18, he established himself as an author with his self-published novel “Spectrum of a Daydream.” Currently, his work is freelance, jumping from project to project seeking his niche in the film industry but will always be a writer, first and foremost. As WeXL's lead editor and director, he has paved the creative direction of WeXL's shows “REPRESENT” and “We Create.” He finds that there is always a story to tell and there is always opportunity to build upon our creative endeavors.

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Kristi Gocki

Kristi started off working at Lucasfilm as a web designer and content developer for Star Wars and Indiana Jones. From there, she has produced for film and television, commercials, games and content web series for over 10 years. Also a freelance 3D and charcoal artist, she understands the passion for creative storytelling and enjoys writing screenplays and novels. Kristi has completed a business degree and completed MFA coursework in 3D Animation and Visual Effects.

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David Jacobson

David runs Inkflow Communications and provides WeXL with marketing, communications and content counsel. His experience includes journalism, creative writing, content strategy, non-profit marketing, and coaching youth sports—all blended into service of causes that support socio-economic diversity and youth development. His work with WeXL is a natural culmination of his ongoing service to such organizations as Fit Kids, Positive Coaching Alliance, Sojourn to the Past, The 82 Project, The Memo, and Wolfpack Ninjas. David’s path stems from learning the power of diversity during the pick-up basketball games of his youth in Chicago and Milwaukee, his college years at the University of Minnesota, and the present day.

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Vijay Sridharan

Vijay Sridharan is a Filmmaker and Musician, originally from India who has since moved to the United States to pursue filmmaking. He believes in telling stories with a touch of humor and a lot of heart.

He is also the Actor/Writer/Director of the short ‘Peacock’ which is now being made into a Web Series. Peacock is a mockumentary about a Indian gangster who lives in Fremont, California. Made by a diverse cast and crew, Peacock is ultimately a statement about inclusion, the immigrant experience and a whimsical take on the American dream.

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