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Engaging Storytelling + Transparent Data Gathering and Analysis = Impact Journalism

We bring together qualitative, non-partisan discussions through our television show, REPRESENT, and quantitative data gathering and analysis through our survey data platform, What Matters.

We utilize storytelling and data to better understand and advocate for the needs of our community. Our vision is to solve the systemic problems that inhibit the prosperity and contributions of those we represent while also encouraging all voices to participate in solving big-world problems.

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represent tv

REPRESENT is our television show that brings together diverse voices for a non-partisan, inclusive discussion on socio-economic issues inhibiting workforce and economic development. Click on the button below to attend a taping, recommend a guest or topic, or audition as a co-host.


what matters survey

What Matters is our survey data platform gathering key insights to help us better understand, engage, and advocate for our community's needs so that they may excel and prosper as a creative workforce. Get access to our survey and learn more about this program.