• WeXL Brand Guide

    The Way We Write "WeXL"

    Our name, WeXL, is in camel case, which means that the capitalization of each of the letters are important to our brand. In all cases, the "e" in WeXL is lower-case, while all of the other letters are capitalized. You may see outdated versions of our logo in which all the letters are in upper-case. We are updating these instances.

    The Way We Say "WeXL"

    When speaking about the organization, please pronounce "WeXL" as if you are saying "we excel." Do not pronounce "WeXL" with a short "e" sound. We moved to this branding because we help our diverse community "excel" in their professional field.

    The Fonts We Use

    WeXL Fonts

    The Colors We Use

    Pantone Russet Orange

    Hex E5761F

    Pantone Nebulas Blue

    Hex 2D62A3

    The Logos We Use

  • WeXL Circle Logo

    WeXL Circle Logo

    For use on all materials where the background is other than white.

    WeXL Square Logo 500x500

    WeXL Square Logo 500x500

    For use on all materials where the background is white.

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