What Matters Survey

WeXL’s What Matters survey data platform gathers key insights on an on-going basis to help our organization better understand, engage, and advocate for our community's needs. The data we gather will be presented anonymously and publicly here on our website, so other organizations and media outlets can use this information freely and responsibly in their own fact-based storytelling. We will also issue recommendations in driving economic and workforce development. 

This initial “What Matters Survey” is mostly demographic questions. We will then send follow-up topic-based questions to interested participants that pair with our REPRESENT television show such as but not limited to:

  • Prison Reform

  • Cannabis Industry and How It Affects People of Color

  • Women Driving Economic Development

  • Housing Market

We uphold strict standards of privacy with the help of our technology partner, NAG, Inc. NAG brings almost 3 decades of experience on security and privacy working with local, state, federal government and private organizations.