• What We Do

    Building and nurturing the greatest untapped talent pool of creatives in the world


    To connect historically underrepresented and underserved creatives to career opportunities and resources.


    We support this mission through our programs and community, which is sustained by a social enterprise model. Our programs educate, empower, and celebrates a diverse talent network of creatives.


    We work to bring about a future where the leadership diversity of the creative industries is at equitable scale, and there is no pay or representational gap.

  • Why We Do This

    Numbers Fluctuate Year-by-Year and Show No Consistent Improvement

    People of color buy 46% of movie tickets, but 85% of movie directors are white men.

    Source: DGA’s inaugural Feature Film Diversity Report and

    Source: "2016 Hollywood Diversity Report", Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies at UCLA

    Emerging media platforms (Amazon, Netflix, Hulu) show better representation on screen but not so much in leadership roles behind-the-camera

  • Who We Are

    Dedicated, Passionate, Creatives

    Arabella DeLucco

    CEO of WEXL.org

    For over 17 years, Arabella has worked in media and technology as a journalist, producer, and community strategist. An early-adopter and innovator, Arabella started a webcasting company in 2007 that grew to serve organizations like DoSomething.org and The Women's Conference, then led by Maria Shriver. An integrative creator, Arabella practices prolific art-making across multiple disciplines including film and media making, oil painting, and comedic and dramatic performance. Arabella has a bachelor's in political science and English from Rutgers University and is currently taking cinema and painting classes at City College of San Francisco.

    Arlene Guzman Todd

    Co-founder and Creative Director of EAD XL

    Khepera Batties

    Co-founder and Production

    Khepera is a visual storyteller with over 15 years of experience in print, web content creation, television production and film directing. He began his career in Washington working with the late Tim Russert at "Meet The Press" for several years before moving on to "30 Rock" and producing for Ann Curry at "The Today Show." The past 7 years have brought a transition into the film and commercial world balancing content creation for local Bay Area organizations and startups with directing and producing for larger national entities. His approach to storytelling is rooted in digging deeper than what initially meets the eye and exploring overlooked aspects of a story. Khepera has a bachelor's in journalism from Rutgers University and has completed graduate coursework in film from the Academy of Art.

    Kirsten Spalding


    Kirsten is a screenwriter and actress based in the Bay Area. She has worked for numerous film projects including the 2013 Sundance movie, The Lifeguard, and the 2014 Oscar nominated film, Foxcatcher. A former student of the public school system, Kirsten understands the value and influence the arts can have on students. After college, she found a position as a long term substitute teacher of film studies and production at Park City High School. Kirsten has a Bachelor of Arts in Media and Society/ English from Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

    Jose "Joby" Bongco

    Content and Community

    Joby is a writer, mixed martial artist, and comedic performer. For the past three years, he's covered advanced screenings and studio tours as well as interviewed celebrities from The Walking Dead and Stranger Things on moviepilot.com. As a college student at Ramapo University, Joby helped produce, write, direct and perform productions for the Filipino American Student Association (FASA). Together with FASA, Joby adapted familiar American shows and movies like Friends, Twilight, and 500 Days of Summer and added a Filipino twist. Joby's experience as a character actor includes Lefou in "Beauty and the Beast" and Tackaberry in "How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying", and he continues to hone his skills in voiceover and improv. In his spare time, Joby teaches martial arts to kids.

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